Neon Fish - Non Slip Bath Mat


Dive into a neon underwater wonderland every bath time with this stunning non-slip baby bath mat! These vibrant fish patterns ignite a dazzling display of colors, turning your own bathtub into a vivacious marine spectacle that's bound to captivate your little ones. But this bath mat offers more than just visual allure; it promises a safe and non-slip surface that reassures you as your kids enjoy their bath time to the fullest. Experience more than just scrubbing – watch as the delightful design leaves your children glowing with happiness. Unveil the ultimate fusion of style and safety with the best non-slip bath mat - it's not just a bath accessory, but an adventure, a shower mat, and a bathmat rolled into one, perfect for children who deserve nothing but the best.

Product Specifications

  • Non slip baby bath mat and shower mat measures 16" x 25" or  40cm x 70cm
  • Total of 120 suction cups on the base
  • Made from quality soft and comfy 3mm or 0.1" PVC


What people think

"This baby bath mat has been a game-changer for bath time with my little one! Not only does it add a pop of color to our bathroom, but the non-slip feature gives me peace of mind knowing my baby is safe while enjoying their bath. Highly recommend!"

Sarah M.

Love these mats. We have four young kids and bought two - I’ve been looking for a stylish, funky non-slip bath mat for so long and this ticks all the boxes!
Will recommend them to all parents!


Great quality, great size, good suction to the bath and absolutely love the bright colors.


The cute patterns and colors add a playful touch to our bathroom décor. It's a win-win – my baby loves it, and it looks great in our space.

David L.

"Bubble Hug's baby bath mats have exceeded my expectations. The quality is exceptional, the designs are charming, and the customer service is top-notch. I'm a happy customer and will definitely be recommending this brand to others!"

Sarah M.

Beautiful bathmats! Don't have to worry about my little one slipping in bath, and love the colors, so bright and vibrant.


This mat performs exactly how you would expect 😊. My daughter loves the colours and I love the piece of mind that she’s not going to slip and hit her head. Would highly recommend.


I never thought I’d like a bath mat so much. The quality is fabulous and the colors are fun and bright without being childlike. I have absolutely zero regrets and would buy another in a heartbeat. Thanks for making such an excellent product!

Jo B.

Love love love keeps my little girl in one spot and doesn’t slip!

Jess T.

Vibrant colors, quality materials and eye catching designs, what’s not to love! Our new bath mat has certainly made bath time more colourful and enjoyable than ever before. My son absolutely loves his new mat.